Last Night in Ferguson (10.21.14): A state senator was arrested (and mama may have been legally packing), one of the lead organizers, nettaaaaaaaa, was roughed up by police, and one of the main sources of footage/live feeds, Rebel Z, was detained in what seems to have been an intimidation and straight up harassment tactic. The police are out of control, and it’s only getting worse. If you think this is over, you need to look again. #staywoke #farfromover

Ferguson is still happening. Are you still paying attention?

Tune into Z’s UStream tonight to watch developments live. 








what the fuck

this is the scariest shit i’ve ever seen in my life

This is so cool. Eat Otomo Yoshihide’s heart out.

I’m used to associating this sort of heavy creepy distortion type audio as being achieved by internal studio mixing. Picking sections, warping them, reversing, repeating, all that sort of thing done with the board tools and programming suites. I didn’t stop to think that the same sort of effects could be achieved PHYSICALLY by fucking with the playback tools and the storage mediums themelves. It’s incredibly clever, especially when they introduce the cut-apart and reconstructed vinyl platters, it becomes the audio equivalent of cut-paste collaging or magnetic poetry. It takes something as ethereal and insubstantial as music, and makes it as tangible as sculpture.





Anxiety & Helping Someone Cope. 
I didn’t want to make it overwhelming or too long remember, so I kept it to the main points that benefit me greatly when I’m experiencing an attack.
40 million of Americans alone suffer with anxiety; it’s a horrid feeling when you know someone just wants to help you but you cannot even construct a simple sentence at the time, so please share this in hope that it benefits even just 1 person. Muchos love. 







Man Saves a Shark

look at that man. When the shark starts thrashing around he just lets go and calmly takes a step back and waits for it to be done. Then it’s back to work. What a badass.





That is really badass. Awesome.

im so happy right now that just made my day





y’all should care about the skeleton dance more than just for some silly gifs for halloween. this animation is such a big fucking deal.

its the first silly symphony short which for those not aware is the series of shorts created by walt disney to further animation as an art form both in techniques and in critical reception. the academy awards for animation were founded almost literally so disney could get an oscar for silly symphonies (for which he did, four years in a row, starting with flowers and trees, which is by the way also an interesting watch as the first disney animation in color).

many silly symphony shorts are a testing ground for new technologies and disney used it as a warmup with the eventual goal of creating an animated feature film - which means, yes, without the skeleton dance, your tangled and your frozen would be very different films, had they existed at all.

its also super fucking early disney and if you’re interested in where that weird old timey animation stereotype of rubberhosing and synchronized scoring originated, you probably would be better off watching an early mickey mouse short but the skeleton dance is also a good watch

This is one reason why I can’t stand the “Of course Disney has to make all female characters look the same, 3D animation is HARD!” argument. Disney wasn’t always a monstrous corporate entity. It nearly ran itself into the ground financially once or twice because it insisted on experimenting with the latest technology and techniques, and Walt Disney himself more or less invented the idea that animation was a legitimate art form that demanded the best of its practitioners without compromise. If the movie wasn’t going to be the pinnacle of its craft, it wasn’t going to get made. A lot of stuff used in animation today was either developed or perfected at Disney, and sometimes at great risk to the studio’s future. It was a studio for artists.

this is such a good comment thank u

i’m super critical of disney’s actual contributions to animation as a whole (that post about Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed, despite being technically incorrect because there are older, lost features, is a wonderful post because it helps to continue to dispell the idea that disney Did Everything), but i cannot argue that even if his studio did not create these concepts, they were the ones to popularize it and lower production costs to the point that other studios could use the same techniques. disney is so important so seeing them stagnate as hard as they have is absolutely depressing




DIY Ultimate Know Your Skirts Guide Infographic from Enerie. For more very popular ultimate guides from Enerie go here:

cosplay /art/etc reference! <3





Full account of how each Monado Arts stance affects your stats in SSB

Sakurai did make a post on Miiverse indicating what each stance does, but it turns out he wasn’t completely thorough! There’s not much documentation in the game about this other than random tips, so I went into training mode to test out all these stats and how they change.

The scale is fudged a little bit for readability (1 represents the worst possible result for each stat, 3 is the default, and 5 is the best possible) but if people are really seriously actually interested in the exact numbers from the testing I did, I can provide those too.

[Note: the run speed stat also improves your horizontal movement in the air]

The ultimate Smash tactical fighter.

Check this OUT.